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Tip of the Spear - Draft Cover

Tip of the Spear – Draft Cover

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Its purpose is to announce the follow-up to Scouts Out, which is entitled Tip of the Spear and will be published in the late summer/early fall of 2015 by Stackpole books. Stay tuned for links to pages giving details of the book.

Sd.Kfz. 234/1 Preview of Tip of the Spear

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Scout's OutIts purpose is also to highlight the publication of the last book that I and co-authors Michael H. Pruett and Michael Olive co-wrote: Scouts Out! The History of German Armored Reconnaissance in World War 2. The following is highlighted:

In addition, there are pages thematically related to the above:

Finally, there are some links for both collectors and researchers, who are interested in this subject, as well as pages devoted to tracking changes to the site and contacting us.

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