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Available from Stackpole Books, retailers and Amazon. You can also buy it directly from me, if you desire an autographed and/or dedicated copy.


Available from Stackpole Books, retailers and Amazon. You can also buy it directly from me, if you desire an autographed and/or dedicated copy.

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Its purpose is to highlight the publication of the two book that I and co-authors Michael H. Pruett and Michael Olive co-wrote: Scouts Out! The History of German Armored Reconnaissance in World War 2 and Tip of the Spear! German Armored Reconnaissance in World War II.

There are also some links for both collectors and researchers.

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  1. John M. Gray says:

    Hi Bob, it’s been about 15 years since I’ve communicated with you last. Since then, my book about the 55th FG has been published along with numerous magazine articles I’ve written for history and collector’s magazines.

    I am finishing up on my second book about the personal combat experiences of allied and axis pilots, sailors, infantrymen, and tankers. I have a question or two that you can help me with.
    1. Have you ever seen any full length stories covering the Tiger and RK winner Paul Egger in any books or magazines? If so, where?
    2. Can I get your mailing address because I want to send you a book label to sign for your original book about pz. uniforms that Michael Pruett and you wrote?
    3. I am attempting to find Steven Zaloga’s address to ask him to sign three labels for his great books on the Sherman, Armor
    1944, and Armor 1945. If you can help me out there, I sure would appreciate it.

    I see you have shown Scott Pritchett’s collection on your site. He showed it to me sometime back via the internet. Most impressive. He and I went in together and we won the auction bid on Hermann Historica for some items that belonged to the late commanding general of the Pz. Gren. Div. GD, Gen. Walter “Pappa” Hoerlein. Scott got everything mostly and I just wanted the minty third pattern GD cufftitle that belonged to the general. Scott wanted the one that showed a little more wear and tear. And to think I used to own a GD cuffband of a tank sgt 25 years ago. Never thought I would own the cuffband of its commanding general.

    About ten years ago I lucked out and came into the possession of a minty never been issued second pattern pz. wraparound with service cap. The wraparound is the rank of private with detachable boards and still has the cardboard manufacturer’s card sewn into it. The jacket is dated “1940” and the hat is “1941.” A little later I found a pair of French made pz. trousers that match it.

    Egger was extremely helpful in answering a multitude of questions for me and I was able to get three fantastic tank battle stories from him concerning an early battle in the USSR where he destroyed 4 or 5 tanks and tank guns, another couple of stories when he was in Normandy and won the DKiG, and finally a story when he was a King Tiger commander fighting T-34s and actually captured some German renegades that lit up one of his King Tigers in his troop with a panzerfaust. I loved what he told me about the Tiger I, King Tiger, and the JS-2. He wasn’t a fan of the Tiger I, but learned to use it well. Paul liked the King Tiger more.

    Well Pz. Bob, if you can help me out concerning my requests I sure would appreciate it. All the best, John M. Gray “John”

    • admin says:

      Thanks for contacting me through the site. If you contact me through the site email (, I can provide some of the information that should not go on a public forum. My mailing address can also be found on the “contact us” page of the site. Unfortunately, I do not believe I have ever seen any of the writings you have done concerning Egger; I would enjoy seeing those. The collectibles you’ve acquired sound very nice!
      All the best!

  2. John M. Gray says:

    Hi Robert, It’s been a while since I’ve written, but then it dawned on me that one pz. guy should probably know another pz. guy’s address. I am trying to find Steve Zaloga’s address so I can mail him four book plates he can autograph for me that I can put in his three books about the Sherman tanks and the last one where he sums up the good and bad tanks of WW2 (Armored Champion). If you can be of any help, let me know. I wrote to Scott Pritchett about this, but I figure two attempts is better than one. Always, John M. Gray “John”

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