Update to Errata Page

We’ve received the first reader-provided input for the errata and addenda page:

Scouts_Out-Final_Draft-Author_Comments 291scouts-error-281  Page 281: Alert reader Chris from France—known as “Derka” on many militaria forums—noticed that the bottom image was inaccurately captioned, since it states that the enlisted scout in the image is wearing a 1st-pattern reed-green special-purpose uniform for armored vehicle crewmen. In fact, the scout in question is simply wearing a reed-green HBT field uniform, with the tunic bottom tucked into his trousers. Thanks, Chris!

Great Scott! The Panzer Collection of Scott Pritchett

Just finished updating the site with a feast for the eyes for any Panzer collector. Scott Pritchett just sent me some images of his “war room.” Housing one of the finest Panzer-related collections anywhere, Scott’s amazing collection is now available for viewing by mere mortals. (I know Scott’s already blushing!)


Scott finally acquiesced to my badgering and sent some images of his “war room.” Feast your eyes on a truly terrific collection…Here is a link to all of the photos.

DSC04496DSC04520DSC04534DSC04532   DSC04527 DSC04498_namedDSC04576_named


Major Update to Site

Just finished going through the archives and finding a number of images of items I once owned and those belonging to collector friends of mine.

Here are some of the updates…

From the Odds & Ends Page…



Kitchen_1Collection Items & Displays Past

IMG_1657Field Gray Panzerpionier Wrap

Slide01Tank Accidents


PanzerMania_1Tiger on the Prowl


From the Other Collections page…

From the Uniforms page…

Chap4---Color---Uniforms---BE---1stPattEnlReconWrap-011st Pattern Enlisted Panzer Wrap with Unit Stamps for Two Different Reconnaissance Battalions


Chap4---Color---Uniforms---BE---2ndPattOffReconWrapAuklR9-012nd Pattern Panzer Wrap for an Oberleutnant in Aufklärungs-Regiment 9 (mot).


Chap4---Color---Uniforms---BE---CB-Wrap-012nd Pattern Wrap for a Panzeraufklärer with Copper Brown Piping


Chap4---Color---Uniforms---BE---Hain-01Custom Leather Wrap for Knight’s Cross Recipient Oberleutnant Hain of Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 23


Chap4---Color---Uniforms---BE---Kaestel-01Gabardine Wrap and Effects for Oberleutnant Kaestel of Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 7


gg9030-01Rittmeister der Reserve assigned to Aufklärungs-Abteilung 20 (mot)


K6-02sSpieß in Kradschützen-Bataillon 6


2EMPR3_12nd Pattern Enlisted Wrap for a Tanker Assigned to Panzer-Regiment 3

PzWrap_1s2nd Pattern Wrap (Late) for an Oberfeldwebel Assigned to Panzer-Regiment 35


PzPio_12nd Pattern Wrap for an Officer Assigned to a Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon


PzAufkOff_71st Pattern Mouse Gray Denim Special-Purpose Tunic for Armored Reconnaissance Personnel


Uniforms_121st Pattern Reed Green HBT Special-Purpose Uniform for Armored Car Personnel


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlue Denim Work Uniform for Armored Personnel


PzAufk_1(300)1st-Pattern Panzer tunic for an Enlisted Man Assigned to the Armored Reconnaissance School at Krampnitz.


100_3144Field gray Panzer-type tunic for an enlisted man assigned to an armored reconnaissance element


Uniforms_11Walking Out Dress Tunic for an Unteroffizier Assigned to the Panzer-Lehr-Versuchs-Kompanie (bzw. -Abteilung)


01-GvB-01Enlisted field-gray wrap for an enlisted SS man in the artillery regiment in the 17. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division “Götz von Berlichingen


U-126Child’s Uniform for an Oberfeldwebel in Panzer-Regiment 8


MG2-01s2nd Pattern Mouse Gray Denim Tunic for Armored Vehicular Personnel


PzAAWrap-Drews-01s2nd Pattern Collar Piped Panzer Tunic for an Armored Reconnaissance Officer


DSCN0173Named 2nd Pattern Collar Piped Tunic for an Armored Reconnaissance Officer



Advance Copy of Scouts Out In House

Hello all!

I just received my advance copy today. The book has more than 514 pages, plus a 48-page color insert. It’s printed on glossy stock. I was happy to see that the book offered no surprises after the first page-through. (Surprises always having negative connotations for an author!) My contact at Stackpole says the book is being printed this week and will definitely be in the stores in January.

Many thanks to all those who helped on this project!

Scouts Out!
Bob Edwards

Uniform Page Updated

Just finished updating the uniforms section of the site, adding several items I have had over the years (and wish I still had!)

Here are some of the items…


PzAufkOff_7 1st Pattern Mouse Gray Denim Special-Purpose Tunic for Armored Reconnaissance Personnel. I have been fortunate enough to acquire several of the 1st and 2nd pattern special-purpose tunics over the years. This particular tunic was acquired through a chance encounter with Italian collectors at a MAX Show years ago. It has since been sold to a good collector friend.

Uniforms_13 1st Pattern Reed Green HBT Special-Purpose Uniform for Armored Car Personnel. As with the 1st pattern mouse gray special-purpose tunics, fortune has smiled on me with the acquisition of several of these over the years as well. Although the over-all appearance is essentially the same, there are some construction details that are different between the mouse-gray and reed-green versions of the jacket. Here is an example of one of them.

2339    The blue Denim work uniform was worn until the end of the war by armored vehicle crewmen, both in training and at the front. Since it was very similar to work uniforms worn even today in Germany, it is hardly surprising that few of these survived the war. I have encountered two complete sets in mint condition over the years, as well as a nicely worn top. Since I like the field-worn items, I have traded out one of the mint sets and have the other one for sale. A butt-ugly uniform, but one which was widely worn by armored personnel.

PzAufk_1(300)    1st-Pattern Panzer tunic for an enlisted man assigned to the armored reconnaissance school at Krampnitz. The only golden-yellow collar-piped 1st-pattern Panzer tunic I have owned. It has been featured in several books, to include Scouts Out. It was traded out to a good collecting friend, with whom I have the right of first refusal.

100_3144  Field gray Panzer-type tunic for an enlisted man assigned to an armored reconnaissance element. Nice minty example of a field-gray tunic. This tunic currently resides with a collecting friend of mine in France.

Uniforms_6   Uniforms_3  This walking-out dress uniform is for an enlisted man assigned to the testing and demonstration battalion of the armor school, as indicated by the Gothic “V” (Versuchs-) on the shoulder straps. The uniform had seen its share of wear & tear, but the shoulder straps are nearly impossible to find. Currently with a collector friend in Indiana.