Headgear Update

I added some new items to the headgear page…

Black-Enlisted-M43-857s  Enlisted black M43 with factory applied, machine-sewn insignia. Size 56, featuring an Erfurt depot stamp from 1943. I previously owned one of these by the same manufacturer, but it was missing the insignia. The former cap had been “liberated” from Czech film studios by an enterprising American dealer.

Black-Officer-M38-Goldgelb-933s A “salty” M38 black officer overseas cap with golden-yellow soutache. The cap has a name tag sewn into it, as well as featuring a few typical field modification for the officer: Sewing down the upturn along the sides (so it didn’t flop open) and sewing along the top seam (so it did not open up). In addition, it has a typical feature often found in enlisted caps but not seen as often in officer caps: A safety pin along the inside crown to make double sure the cap die not “open up” and present a less jaunty appearance. So far, I have not been able to lash “Ehrich” up with a unit.

Black-Officer-M38-Rosa-910s Another officer black M38, this time with pink soutache. The cap was tailor-made by the firm of Tiller in Vienna and was constructed out of a light cotton material. The cap features the relatively rare officer versions of the Panzer BeVo insignia. It also saw considerable service in the field, as evidenced by the sun bleached seen along the crown seam and along the upturn on the sides.

Black-Panzer-Enlisted-ex-NSKK-920s A late-pattern NSKK cap converted into a Panzer enlisted overseas cap by the addition of army insignia and a pink soutache. The portrait shot shows the cap in wear by the tanker. Originalkly accompanying the cap and image was a photo album that chronicled the membership of the future tanker in the NSKK and his close association with Panzer-Regiment 23 of the 23. Panzer-Division. The cap is unique, not only because of it having been converted, but also because of the addition of the traditions badge from the division. Although there are some discrepancies between the angle of the soutache seen in the postcard image and the actual cap, I believe this might have been due to the resewing of the soutache at some point in time, since there is evidence to suggest that the soutache was originally positioned at a more obtuse angle.

Enlisted-Visor-KavLehrVersuchsAbt-PzSpaeh-917s An enlisted visor belonging to a scout assigned to the 2. (Panzer-Späh)/Kavallerie-Lehr- und Versuchs-Abteilung. This was the armored car troop of the cavalry school house in Krampnitz. Note the unusual size!

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