US Militaria: Treat ’em Rough!

In addition to my primary interest in German armor and armored reconnaissance forces of the World War 2 era, I also like to pick up the occasional Allied tanker or reconnaissance artifact. Some of my US tanker items will be presented on this page.

 Prewar Images of the M1 Combat Car and M2 Light Tanks

US-01b M1 Combat Car

US-01a  US-01g

US-01hUS-01e M2A1 Light Tanks

US-01c M2A2 Light Tanks

US-01dUS-01i M2A4 Light Tanks

US-01f I recently found these on the US eBay. For some reason I have always had a fondness for the prewar M1’s and M2’s and the subsequent M3’s and M5’s of the US Army. I believe these may have been from the 66th Armor at Fort Benning just before the start of the war.

Early Tanker Helmet (“Doughnut”)

image002 image004 image012 image014 image015 image016 image017 image018 image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 Examples of the “doughnut” helmet in wear by armored personnel.

V43885-1 V43885-2 V43885-3 V43885-4 V43885-5 V43885-6 V43885-7 V43885-8 V43885-9 V43885-10 V43885-11 V43885-12 V43885-13 V43885-14 V43885-15 V43885-16 V43885-17 V43885-18 V43885-19 One of four of these helmets found in the St. Louis area, two of which apparently came with the remnants of the original packing box. The helmet I have is virtually identical to the one shown here, albeit without the packing box.

Early Tanker Uniform from the 3rd Armor Division (1st Pattern Jacket)

jacket_combat_winter_04_3751TJ00 1TJ01 1TJ02 1TJ03 1TJ04 1TJ05 1TJ06 1TJ07 1TJ08 1TJ09 1TJ10 1TJ11 1TJ12 1TJ13 1TJ14 1TJ15 1TJ16 1TJ17 1TJ18 1TJ19 1TJ20 1TJ21 This 1st-pattern jacket (most easily identified by the patch pockets) was an eBay find. The only reason I was probably able to get it was the fact that the individual had listed the items as a “tankard jacket.” Unfortunately, the jacket is no longer in my possession, but it has found a good home.

Camouflage Coveralls for a 16th Armor Division Recon First Sergeant

Lozmack01 Lozmack02 Lozmack03 Lozmack04 Lozmack05 Lozmack06 Lozmack07 Lozmack08 Lozmack09 Lozmack10 Lozmack11 Lozmack12 Lozmack13 Lozmack14 Lozmack15 Lozmack16 Lozmack17 Lozmack18 Lozmack19 Lozmack20 Lozmack21 Lozmack22 Lozmack23 Lozmack24 Lozmack25 Lozmack26 Lozmack27 Lozmack28 Lozmack29 First Sergeant Lozmack was originally assigned to the 1AD and saw action with that division, starting in North Africa. At the end of the war, when the 16AD was rushed overseas so it could get at least one battle streamer, Lozmack was transferred to the division and became a First Sergeant in the divisional reconnaissance battalion, the only formation of the division to actually see some action in the final weeks of the war and which was responsible for the division receiving its sole battle streamer.

Contrary to popular belief, camouflage uniforms were worn by some units, and this set of coveralls is a perfect example. The 16AD trained extensively in the camouflaged uniform while in the US, but it apparently “ditched” the uniforms once deployed for combat in Europe. The exception proves the rule, since these coveralls were actually worn by Lozmack at the end of the war and kept by him as a souvenir of his time served, along with the photos and other small items seen here.

Below are some images of stateside training for the division, during which a number of elements, particularly the engineers, wore camouflaged clothing.

16AD00 16AD01 16AD02 16AD03 16AD04 16AD05 16AD06 16AD07 16AD08 16AD09 16AD10 16AD11 16AD12 16AD13 16AD14 16AD15



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