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Collecting anything inherently involves some risks, if the items being collected have any value at all. All collectors have “paid their dues” over the course of time and picked up items they may have thought were good, but did not survive “peer review”. I’ve included a few here that fall into that category, to include some items that may well be good but also have their share of naysayers.

M40 Tropical Billed Field Cap

Among the most copied items of Third Reich military headgear is the iconic M40 billed field cap, made famous by the Deutsches Afrika-Korps. The following cap was seen in hand by several well-known collectors in the field who gave it a “thumbs up.” Unfortunately, almost no one else has. It was recently sold by me to a reenactor and collector as a “super fake.”

DAK-M40-Signals_7-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_8 DAK-M40-Signals_9-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_10 DAK-M40-Signals_11 DAK-M40-Signals_12 DAK-M40-Signals_13-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_14 DAK-M40-Signals_15 DAK-M40-Signals_16 DAK-M40-Signals_17-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_18 DAK-M40-Signals_19 DAK-M40-Signals_20 DAK-M40-Signals_21 DAK-M40-Signals_22 DAK-M40-Signals_23-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_25-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_26-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_29-WAF DAK-M40-Signals_30 DAK-M40-Signals_31

 Black Enlisted M43 Billed Field Cap

One of many black M43’s I’ve acquired over the years. You’d think I’d have this down to a fine science by now. Unfortunately, the fakers seem to have it down to an even finer science.

Caps_1s Caps_4s Caps_5s EMPzM43_4s EMPzM43_5s EMPzM43_6s EMPzM43_8s EMPzM43_9s M43_Eagle_1 M43_Eagle_2 M43_Eagle_4


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