Jim Haley: It’s Always a Kodak Moment

It is doubtful whether Scouts Out and Tip of the Spear would have turned out the way it did without the fabulous help and support of Jim Haley, an American expatriate living in Germany. He’s an avid Panzer collector, with a keen eye for documents, photos and other ephemera. Not only did he supply nearly half of all the photos used in the book, he did so freely and without restrictions. Generous to a fault, Jim has also helped out numerous other collectors and authors with their books and projects as well.

Presented below are some of the fabulous images Jim was able to get from the holdings of a photography studio some time ago. Among the thousands of portraits taken, there were numerous images of soldiers from the Panzerwaffe that are breathtaking in their quality and uniqueness.

img020 img201 img287 img297 img300 img308 img319 img320 img333 img334 img335 img342 img343 img344 img377 img387 img415 img422 img479 img572 img618 img980


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