Great Scott! Scott Pritchett, that is…A museum-quality Panzer Collection

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Scott and I go way back. Far enough that when we first met, I had to address him as Sir! Scott has not only done great things for our nation, he has also advanced the hobby immeasurably  with his titles on the Großdeutschland formations (Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3) and the upcoming 4-volume Panzerfeldjacke (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4), with the first two volumes anticipated around February 2014.

It was thanks to his singular generosity that I received some truly outstanding and incredibly unique images for the book, Scouts Out.

Scott finally acquiesced to my badgering and sent some images of his “war room.” Feast your eyes on a truly terrific collection…

DSC04496DSC04494 DSC04495   DSC04499 DSC04504 DSC04509 DSC04520

DSC04522 DSC04534DSC04525DSC04536DSC04555DSC04532DSC04538DSC04558DSC04539DSC04530DSC04577DSC04523 DSC04524  DSC04527 DSC04498_namedDSC04576_namedDSC04568_named

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DSC04560DSC04548 DSC04561 DSC04562

DSC04584_label DSC04585_label DSC04586_label DSC04587_named


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