• VG-LogoA great militaria site with only original items, personally vetted by Mike Davis, a man who brooks no compromise. (In the interest of full disclosure, Mike is a long-time personal friend.)
  • Ruptured-Duck-logo Bill Shea’s web site, featuring a lot of good stuff. If you can’t afford it now, check with Bill on his world-famous layaway plan.
  • Another site with great “stuff” and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • WW2-Day-by-Day-logo Wonderful site with great organizational charts for most armor-related KStN’s, which served as the inspiration for the way I designed mine for the book. (In German)
  • U968_logo001  A great site for research for orders of battle, biographies, and other material related to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. An occasional error creeps in and there are some pages with incorrect links, but a gold mine of information with what must be thousands of pages.
  • Sturmpanzer A great site devoted to the Sturmpanzer IV but which also contains links to National Archives files dealing with German armor topics.
  • Kopf Great site for finding German-language books related to the WW2 era. Shipping is surprisingly inexpensive, considering the items are coming to you from Berlin.
  • GermanEnglishDictionary This is basically a reprint of the US Army TM 30-506, a German-English military dictionary of the WW2 era. For basic words, a good reference, however, it does not contain grammatical information, such as gender, plurals etc.
  • Dr. Leo Niehorster’s order-of-battle site is that and so much more. Dr. Niehorster has worked tirelessly and prodigiously over the years examining official documents of not only the German armed forces but just about anyone else you can imagine, who was involved in World War 2. An old-fashioned site without bells and whistles—hell, he doesn’t even have a logo—but you would be hard pressed to find such a treasure trove of free information.

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