Gulf Coast Armorgators

Zeroing in on your hobby!

Zeroing in on your hobby!

This is the home page. If we decide to create our own web site instead of satelliting off of BBBC, then these and the other AMPS pages should be able to be transformed. The home page will have a table of contents for the subordinate pages.

The advantage of using my website is that it is free. The disadvantage is that you have to navigate through my (rather limited) business pages to get to the AMPS portion.

Please review these proposed pages and give me comments, if any. Also, if you have any ideas for additional pages, I’m open to suggestions.

For the meeting on 21 July, we should probably be prepared to discuss:

  • Chapter name. “Gulf Coast Armorgators” is just a working title for me for setting these pages up.
  • Once we have a name, we might want to consider a logo for the group.
  • Do we want a formal organization (bylaws, president, secretary etc.) or are we happy with an informal arrangement?
  • Raising money for various projects, e.g. web page, contests, contest awards: Dues? Raffles?
  • Submissions for content for the web pages, e.g., bio info for the member pages, links to hobby sites or organizations etc.
Possible logo design

Possible logo design



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