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A bit of odds & ends, including insignia and ephemera…

BE-AA6-Pink-Yellow-Straps-306 BE-AA6-Pink-Yellow-Straps-307 BE-AA6-Pink-Yellow-Straps-308

A pair of enlisted shoulder straps for a scout in Aufklärungs-Abteilung 6 (mot) of the 1.leichte Division. These straps illustrate the reason why pinpointing the Waffenfarben for armored reconnaissance elements is often difficult. The straps started out being piped in rose pink before the cost-cutting method of applying golden-yellow Waffenfarbe over the original unit designation was devised. This no doubt occurred sometime in the period from 1937 to 1938,when the battalion was assigned first to to the 1. leichte Brigade, and then to the 1. leichte Division. These straps are now in the good home of another collector.


With the exception of the first strap, these are all later-war straps designed for wear with the black Panzer tunic. The first strap was for a scout assigned to Aufklärungs-Abteilung 7 (mot), first of the 2. Panzer-Division and then, in 1938, to the 4. Panzer-Division. The remaining straps bear the same numerical designator as their parent armored division.

BE-K3-Boards-18 BE-K4-Board-0 BE-K4-Board-3 BE-K16-Straps-3Chap4---Color---Insignia---009---Generic---BE-Cav-Camo-Board-01

Kradschützen-Battailon 3 was assigned to the 3. Panzer-Division, Kradschützen-Bataillon 4 to the 24. Panzer-Division and Kradschützen-Bataillon 16 to the 16.Panzer-Division. The last shoulder board shows a field-made slip covered designed to reduce the “signature” given off by the silver braid of the officer insignia.

Chap4---Color---001---Lead-in---BE-PK-Golden-Tellow-Wrap-01 Chap4---Color---003----BE-Recon-Color-PC-01 Chap4---Color---005---Panzerspaehtrupp

Several period post cards featured scouts and reconnaissance elements.

Chap4---Color---Ephemera---BE-AA4-Mug-297 Chap4---Color---Ephemera---BE-AA4-Mug-298 Chap4---Color---Ephemera---BE-AA4-Mug-300 Chap4---Color---Ephemera---BE-AA7-Mug-01

Aufklärungs-Abteilung 4 (mot) was eventually assigned to the 1. Panzer-Division. As was often the case in unit souvenir mugs, the owner’s name was also painted on the side.

Insigna a Go Go

At one time, I had about 20 Riker mounts full of insignia. I wound up selling most in order to buy into a partnership for JJ Fedorowicz. Here are some of the items I had…

Insignia_1 Insignia_2 Insignia_3 Insignia_4 Insignia_5 Insignia_6 Insignia_7 Insignia_8 Insignia_9 Insignia_10 Insignia_11 Insignia_12 Insignia_13 Insignia_14 Insignia_15 Insignia_16 Insignia_17 Insignia_18 Insignia_19 Insignia_20 Insignia_21 Insignia_22 Insignia_23 Insignia_24 Insignia_25 Insignia_26 Insignia_27 Insignia_28 Insignia_29 Insignia_30 Insignia_31 Insignia_32 Insignia_33 Insignia_34 Insignia_35 Insignia_36 Insignia_37 Insignia_38 Insignia_39 Insignia_40 Insignia_41 Insignia_42 Insignia_43 Insignia_44 Insignia_45 Insignia_46 Insignia_47 Insignia_48 Insignia_49 Insignia_50 Insignia_51 Insignia_52 Insignia_53 Insignia_54 Insignia_55 Insignia_56 Insignia_57 Insignia_58 Insignia_59 Insignia_60 Insignia_61 Insignia_62 Insignia_63 Insignia_64 Insignia_65 Insignia_66 Insignia_67 Insignia_68 Insignia_69 Insignia_70 Insignia_71 Insignia_72 Insignia_73 Insignia_74 Insignia_75 Insignia_76 Insignia_77 Insignia_78 Insignia_79 Insignia_80 Insignia_81 Insignia_82 Insignia_83 Insignia_83w Insignia_84 Insignia_84w Insignia_85 Insignia_85w Insignia_86 Insignia_87 Insignia_88 Insignia_89 Insignia_90 Insignia_91 Insignia_92 Insignia_93 Insignia_94 Insignia_95 Insignia_96 Insignia_97 Insignia_98 Insignia_99 Insignia_100 Insignia_101 Insignia_102 Insignia_103 Insignia_104 Insignia_105 Insignia_106 Insignia_107 Insignia_108 Insignia_109 Insignia_110 Insignia_111 Insignia_112 Insignia_113 Insignia_114 Insignia_115 Insignia_116 Insignia_117 Insignia_118 Insignia_119 Insignia_120 Insignia_121 Insignia_122 Insignia_123 Insignia_124 Insignia_125 Insignia_126 Insignia_127 Insignia_128 Insignia_129

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